So it begins…

My name is Sean and this blog is going to be all about soccer, football, footy, the beautiful game, or whatever else you want to call it. Everyone knows soccer is not as popular in the United States as it is in other parts of the world, but it is growing and I’d like to contribute to the growth.

As most people from Louisiana and other parts of the South, I grew up as a die-hard football (the one with helmets and a funny shaped ball) fan. I remember having a birthday cake in Denver Bronco colors. Of course, any self-respecting Louisianian loves LSU and their football. While I do still love the sport, this changed around 2007.

I found myself interested in the US Men’s National Soccer Team’s run in the 2008 World Cup qualification. Being a person who enjoys learning about new things, I took the time to learn more about the other football. The history, passion and tradition of the clubs in leagues in Europe drew me in and soon I was watching the Premier League in England or La Liga in Spain.

These days, my Saturdays are devoted to soccer instead of college football (yes, I do still watch LSU play) and Sundays for the big ticket games around the world. I now consider myself a supporter of Manchester City F.C. in England. I may not be as fervent a fan as supporters from Manchester, but I’m damn close.

Hopefully, some of my passion will rub off in this blog.