Moving to a New Site

When I started doing this blog in January as a project for one of my classes, I never thought I would be able to gain the following that I have in only five months time. Sometime last month, I decided to take the next step with the blog and move it to its own site with a better name, better layout and much easier to remember URL. After spending a few weeks learning the ropes of my new hosts, I finally got everything situated and I’m now ready to launch The One Two.

For the next few weeks, I’ll still post snippets of my posts going forward here as I’m still not sure how independently hosted WordPress blogs function in terms of sharing and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on anything if it doesn’t work like I’m expect it to.

I also have to thank everyone who has made this such an enjoyable experience so far. Simply reading my posts is enough gratification for me, but those of you who have shared the posts or subscribed to the blog have really made it easy for me to continue to learn about the game we all love so I can continue to provide you all with good content.

So, here’s to the first five months at The One Two. Let’s hope I don’t do as bad as my 1 view back in January.

New site url:

Follow me on Twitter. I share all new blog posts there as well.


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