Beckham, City European Flavor MLS Needs in Ownership

Thanks to Manchester City, New York City FC will begin playing MLS football in 2015. Now, David Beckham is in Miami talking up the possibility of investing into a new franchise in South Florida, which has been without an association football team since 2001 when the league cut both the Miami Fusion and the Tampa Mutiny as part of the league restructuring.  While the general opinion of MLS fans seemed to be negative when it came to City’s venture into the MLS, there will likely be more acceptance to the man who more or less put the league on the football map becoming a partner in a possible 21st team in the league.

When Beckham signed for the LA Galaxy in 2007,  a clause was included in his contract that would allow him to create a new franchise at a discounted price of $25 million after his retirement. However, money won’t be an issue if his tour of SunLife Stadium and Florida International University’s American football stadium with billionaire Marcelo Claure, who attempted to bring a MLS team to Miami in the past, is any sign. With Beckham’s international prestige, the discounted price of a franchise, Miami’s political acceptance of a club in their city and a potential billionaire backer in Claure, it is highly probable that the sport at the highest level the United States has will finally be back in the southeastern part of the country.

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2 thoughts on “Beckham, City European Flavor MLS Needs in Ownership

  1. Look around the sports-scape of Miami and dust off the MLS history book, it will take more than Beckham’s showmanship and a billionaire’s backing to make Soccer viable in Miami. If a visual explanation is preferred, one only needs to look into the Miami baseball stadium and its mostly empty seats. Ask Miami taxpayers how the feel about giving millions to two flopping fish franchises.

    Orlando is the most logical option for MLS expansion in Florida. It has a fan base, city support, and a major league organization. For further understanding, may I suggest the linked article:

    Memo to David Beckham: Orlando a better spot for MLS franchise than Miami,0,5508262.column … …

    • I’ve often heard Orlando is a better spot, but this post wasn’t about the viability of Miami as a soccer town. I don’t think there are enough close rivals for any city in Florida to truly succeed MLS right now. The closest clubs to Orlando or Miami would be in Texas. Miami only appeals to Beckham because Miami is Miami and Orlando is Orlando.

      I’m aware of the USL Pro team in Orlando and can almost bank that’s the reason that you never hear Orlando in any serious expansion talks. I think they’d be better off trying to push for a promotion/relegation system to get into the MLS that way to be honest.

      I was just pointing out that the MLS needs owners that have some basic knowledge in the sport. As I said a lot of the execs have backgrounds in other leagues and sports while I’m sure they’ve learned something after running their respective clubs for as long as they have, coming from zero knowledge is a lot different than having some to start with.

      Whether the club is in the right or wrong city… well, that’s a different story.

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