An American’s Love for a Foreign Game

Many Americans don’t give soccer a second thought and Travis Romero, 18, of Morgan City was no different. After a falling out with his basketball coach during his freshman year at Morgan City High School, a friend and former teammate on the basketball team persuaded Travis to try out for the soccer team.

At first, he was apprehensive about attempting to play a sport he had no interest in.

“He was like come try out for goalie with me and I was like ‘Go play soccer? Come on, man,’” Travis says.

However, once he stepped on the pitch and began to play, he immediately fell in love with the game.  His eventual move from goalie to forward paid dividends for his career as he scored 14 goals in his junior year and 18 goals and 13 assists in his senior year.

397271_363606190323656_2089900386_nHis play caught the eye of teammates and friends including Taylor Mayon, who was a goalkeeper for Morgan City High, and Austin Stroud, a centerback for the school.

“He wasn’t the best player out there, but he was one of the better players because he was able to score from corners and did a good job keeping them out,” Mayon says.

Stroud was also impressed by Travis’s defensive ability.

“My job was easier because I didn’t have to worry about mistakes in the midfield. He played deep enough to help there,” Stroud says.

As a Fan

Travis doesn’t only play the beautiful game. A supporter of three clubs, he is also an avid fan of the sport.

“My favorite club from America, MLS is the Houston Dynamo because they are kinda like a hometown team, but my favorite clubs in the world would have to be Real Madrid or Internazionale Milan,” he says.

With the star power of Real Madrid and Inter Milan, it is not hard to understand why Travis favors those sides.

Oddly enough, Travis‘s favorite player plays for club he dislikes – Chelsea FC. Fernando Torres isn’t liked by many but his playing style is what drew Travis to Chelsea’s £40 million man.


Despite being a year removed from last playing organized soccer, Travis does not think that his career is over yet. He has plans to try out for some semi-pro and professional teams in the future, but he doesn’t plan to follow in the footsteps of any of the United States’ great players.

“I don’t want to have a big name out there and have to fill the shoe or boot, as people would say it. I just want to set a name for myself playing the game I love,” Travis says.


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